Heading to outer space

I’ve been heading in this direction for a while now.  My imagination has been fueled by reading fantasy and science fiction as well as lots of news about the latest discoveries in science.  So now I am taking my artwork to outer space, sort of anyway!

Paintings in the summer studio. Some work in progress as well as finished paintings
My summer studio

In the small workshop space in the garage that I’ve taken over for the summer imagined scenes from spaces beyond our own galaxy are coming to life on canvas.  In my studio downstairs my sewing machine is set up to create with fabric and thread.   But my subject matter remains the same; it’s all about outer space, with occasional flights of fantasy about life forms that might be found there.

I’m working hard, but having a good time! Having a better time being creative than usual because now I am getting lots done for September 22nd, 23rd and 24th when I’ll be set up at  a table in Artist’s Alley at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. 

There will be lots more to come from me in the short weeks before what I think must be one of the most exciting events in Edmonton.  And even though I know it will take every ounce of energy that I own I am looking forward to spending this year’s entire Expo in Artist’s Alley.  Last year I only got to spend two days there as a visitor and it wasn’t long enough!

'Rift and Water Planet' by E.M. Schumacher, acrylic on canvas.
‘Rift and Water Planet’ by E.M. Schumacher, acrylic on canvas


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