Space, fantasy and my art

I haven’t been posting regularly and partly it’s because this winter I’ve been struggling to find a theme that will give me a framework, a starting point maybe or just a way create a more unified (looking) body of work.

My art work will never lose it’s experimental qualities because that’s who I am as an artist.  I have to be trying new things.  All the time. If I’m not stretching the envelop I’m not happy.  That’s just me.

So finally, finally I’ve decided.  I’m going to concentrate on outer space; imagining galaxies, black holes, gravity wave activity, even life on other planets.  I’m going to paint, draw and explore fabric art too.  Now I have a theme and a direction that hopefully will also allow me to address some questions about the human condition here on earth as well.

Some of my past work already goes there but now I plan to do more and will be back posting regularly again.   This is my latest painting on canvas;

Convergence is an acrylic painting of three black holes in a busy galaxy. By E.M.Schumacher
‘Convergence’ an acrylic painting on canvas by Elma Schumacher size; 24″ x 36″


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