Over the years I’ve run hot and cold on creating images digitally. Lots of this had to do with affordability. It felt a little like a digital desert out there until open source software showed up on the scene. I believe that we are all forever indebted to the contributors who put it out there for everyone in the world to use.

I’ve tried lots of open source programs and liked many of them including Inkscape (professional vector quality software) and Gimp (free open source image editor). What I am not is very patient. I like to get hands on right away and just have to dive right in before I look up how to do anything.

I stumbled across Krita while checking out videos on drawing tablets and of course got really excited and had to give it a go. On the Krita website they describe their software as “a sketching and painting program designed for digital artists”.

So after downloading Krita I quickly discovered that even though things looked familiar it would have helped if I had taken some time to check out a video or two or even the Krita User Manual.

So my point is simply this, after finding Krita I have decided to finally, finally stop jumping around exploring every app and program out there.

Krita is being developed with digital painting, concept art, illustration, and texturing in mind. And since digital art is what I’d like to start doing more of, I think I’ll dive into some tutorials. Ask questions on the forums and make sure that I understand how everything works before it even crosses my mind to move on.

I’ll be sharing more about my experience using Krita here. Please feel free to share how it’s working for you in the comments below.