The curse of social media

Okay, here it is. The real reason not to get stuck on social media.

We all know what it is. No fooling, we know it. The REAL reason no one should get themselves stuck on social media is that people invariably get stuck on social media. It becomes a waste of time and a waste of a life.

And the curse of social media is that while we are ‘interacting’ with others on social media we are not spending as much time as we should with friends and family.

I get stuck on Twitter all the time. It has become both my way to deal with anxiety and a sure fire way to ensure that I remain endlessly anxious. Because I use Twitter as a news feed I never miss out on even a single bit of horrible, awful, really bad news. And there has been lots of news about obnoxiously bad people lately too. No need to mention names here. You know.

One thing that has worked for me though, is that I am so resentful about Facebook’s data harvesting that even though I can’t bring myself to quit Facebook, I don’t spend much time there. Well, as long as I don’t count the hours spent fantasizing about what to buy on Facebook’s Marketplace.

So far I’ve managed to stay away from Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and barely understand what TikTok is. Hopefully youtube doesn’t count as social media since it’s been taking up a lot of my screen time lately. Oh and I tried LinkedIn but fortunately it didn’t take.

Anyone looking for something here that might fix all this is in the wrong place. I can’t fix it for myself and never do any of that motivational stuff. Basically hate it. So if you are stuck on social media like me, maybe now is the time to google ‘breaking a curse’.

Halloween will be here soon and this might be a good time to look for someone who can do it for you.