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I’ve been getting into the studio in Rimbey every week, just not as often as I’d like.   And in spite of that the paintings are progressing. I’m working on four canvases right now, two small ones, one medium sized one and a very large one that I’m just starting.  I’m imagining space, worlds full of …


From my Artist’s collection; Centrifugal Forces Series


A photo of artist Elma Schumacher I’m Elma Schumacher an artist, writer and late-blooming geek.  Lately my interests are so varied that I don’t never know what to do first.  So I’ve turned back to blogging to see if that helps.

I’m pretty sure that my age doesn’t have anything to do with it, but this boomer suffers from a special kind of ADD that tends to affect creative people. There is apparently no cure.  I’m interested in making art, writing, SiFi and Fantasy, science, technology of all kinds, books, quilting and movies. Like most people I like good food and the cute cat pictures on social media too.

However in that past I did work as a freelance writer for a  bit and get over 60 feature length articles published before I stopped counting, or lost interest.  I’m not sure which came first.  My second novel (I disappeared the first) will be self-published any day now. I hope.

Some of my artwork is in the Canada Council Art Bank Collection and a few prints and paintings live in private collections in Ontario, Manitoba and BC.  I’m still working on re-homing a few in Alberta where I now live.  Wall space at home here is getting scarce.

So welcome to my blog and if you want to contact me, or find out more you can reach me at elma at mixedmediashop dot com.

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