Mixed Media Shop is changing. . .

My website at mixedmediashop.com is now being changed back from a blog on art and technology, to my own artist’s site which will include gallery pages of my artwork, both recent work and past work. My artist’s blog will be posted here on my art blog page. This is where I will write about the techniques that I use to make mixed media art and also about the development of ideas in my own artwork and my opinions about the art world in general. I hope that other artists will join in the discussion and share ideas.

My art and technology blog will continue on at mixedmediashop.blogspot.ca. I think the topic is too broad for me to cover as thoroughly as I’d like, but I will keep posting there and sharing what I find online about both contemporary art and the technology that influences it.

What I won’t be posting there anymore, at least not very often are art contest links. Anyone who has been visiting my site for these posts and links should know that there are now several other websites that can cover this area much more thoroughly than I ever could. If you are an artist, photographer or illustrator, here is a short list of sites to help keep you up to date on some of the latest art contests and opportunities for artists;

      Art Rubicon – which is described on the site as ‘A resource for artists’. While many of the resources focus on Alberta, there are lots of international listings as well.
      ArtShow is based out of the US but again there are many international competitions and opportunities listed.
      Manifest Gallery is a gallery that operates out of Cinncinati, Ohio and offers several annual contests as well as other opportunities for artists.
      Artists in Canada has been around for a while now and includes an artist’s directory as well as lots of listings with opportunities for artists.

    As always, make sure you understand what costs will be your responsibility before entering any contest or taking part in any ‘opportunities’. Read the fine print and good luck!

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