Awake with the answers

This morning it happened to me.  My brain must have been working very hard while I was sleeping because when I woke up this morning I had the answers, all the answers to the questions that I have been struggling with for nearly a year.

My gap year is officially over now and even though I feel settled in our new home in Alberta the direction for my art has not been not clear.  What with one foot still firmly planted in traditional media for visual art and my getting myself even more firmly rooted there as I explored quilting and fiber art my passion for all things digital sometimes does not even make sense.  I am also taking a course on computer programming, exploring digital media and trying to understand how other artists are using new media.  It all seemed like far  too much to combine into one artist’s work, that is into my own body of work.

I just did not want to leave anything out.  I wanted to start with the work that I have done in the past, but also find a way to incorporate what I see going on in contemporary art today with digital and new media.  And every time that I felt like I had a grasp on it, that new direction for my work, it slipped away.

But this morning before I was even fully awake it came to me.  I knew where I had to begin on this new road and the beginning as with all beginnings is simple:

Early landscape sketch with "Texture, pattern and perspective" label over top.I will start with texture, then move onto the patterns created by that texture, then look for the things that tend to break up the patterns and then move from the abstract to the representational and when I do that it will be the perspective that defines the whole image.  It will be the perspective that allows me to use my art to communicate my thoughts on the subject. The media will combine, shift and change. But the perspective and the message will hold it all together.

That probably will not make too much sense to anyone but me.  But this is how my artwork has always developed.  A body of work needs a framework to hold it together.  Start with simple ideas and build from there.  It will grow and it will change.  That’s a good thing.  The main thing is to know where to start.  Then cull it, change it, contain it.  But get busy.

So now I will.  Time to ‘just do it’.  My old mantra and always a good place to start.