Digital image by Elma Schumacher, three chrysanthemum blossoms


Welcome to artist Elma Schumacher’s mixed media shop!

This is where you can view my online galleries and visit my artist’s blog to find out more about me and how I work.

I’m painting on canvas this winter.  Right now I’m working on a series of studies using mostly acrylic paint.  I’m still fascinated by centrifugal forces, or to put it more simply the way life seems to explode out of some mysterious center.  Lately inspiration has been coming from outer space, that is photos of galaxies and black holes as well as from the patterns of growth in plants and flowers.

Sunburst Flower by Elma Schumacher. A rich golden background with a burst of red and green. Mixed media painting on canvas.
Sunburst Flower, 24″ x 30″, mixed media on canvas , $600.00.

Below, one of my mixed media drawings on rag paper.

A single pink and blue blossom, a mixed media painting on rag paper by E.M.Schumacher.
‘Low Gravity Flower’ by Elma Schumacher

More mixed media fantasy flowers are on the way.  In the meantime, for mixed media work on paper there’s my Paper Gallery or if you like stories in your art work find the words in my paintings in my Plastic Fantasy Gallery.