Mixed media work on paper on the studio walls.


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Here are some more pieces in my fantasy flower series.  There is lots of new work getting done lately.  I am having a fine time getting back to working with water based media and drawing materials on rag paper.

'For Ophelia' by E.M.Schumacher is a mixed media painting on rag paper.  Yellow and blue floating flowers.
‘For Ophelia’, mixed media on rag paper, size 19 3/4″ by 26″.
A single pink and blue blossom, a mixed media painting on rag paper by E.M.Schumacher.
‘Low Gravity Flower’ by Elma Schumacher

More mixed media fantasy flowers are on the way.  In the meantime, for mixed media work on paper there’s my Paper Gallery or if you like stories in your art work find the words in my paintings in my Plastic Fantasy Gallery.